Influenza, COVID

We can hear a lot of contradictory data and almost constantly changing expert opinions about COVID.
There is also a well-known uncertainty and speculation about vaccinations, without disputing their role, and even in the case of public health measures (masks, etc.), there is ongoing public debate. As a result, we are forced to think and even worry, because more and more people are dying and people are dying every day!


In addition to all this, there is very little talk about what will work in a few weeks and what is really up to you. What can I do, what can you do to achieve optimal nutrition?  It has long been known that nutritional status plays a significant role in normal immune function! This was confirmed by European Food Safity Authortiry  (EFSA).

Strengthening the immune system? - Cytokines? - What is life-threatening?

Nowadays, the term immune boosting is extremely popular, so it is also used by professionals. Yet it is a medical fact: such that immune-boosting does not exist. Even today, regardless of COVID, our modern world places a huge burden on our immune system. Long-term stress and live in fear, and verweight creates massive inflammation deep in the adipose tissue and our intestinal tract is also damaged. The cells of our immune system try to protect us and release so-called cytokines, substances that cause inflammation, but they produce too much of them. Because of this, they get to each of our cells, where they  trigger a low level of inflammation. And this persistently "low level" is just enough to  our cell function is impaired and, ultimately, this process plays a direct role in our early aging and our ever-appearing diseases.Learn more about this >>> 
Think about it, what huge damage it can cause if this respiratory system is now exposed to respiratory infections. Cytokine predominance is critical in the severity and mortality of COVID  and this is essentially why patients are put on a ventilator.

Nutritional status plays a significant role in normal immune function


Are you looking for a real, safe solution?

Today, tons of vitamins and supplements are available, not only in pharmacies and drugstores, but also online, at gas stations, on ABC. And on social media, a miracle drug comes in every week and a different one “heals” essentially everything every week. How can we put things right here? 

Yes, you need help from a controlled, safe source to get the right level of nutrition.  Don’t accidentally rush into what’s being advertised or there box looks good on the shelf. This is also important because, unfortunately, the vitamins and food supplements that are newly placed on the market are no longer routinely tested in a laboratory in the EU. there is just an obligation to notify. So it's basically up to the manufacturer's "conscience" what to put it in the box.

The formulations we recommend are made in Norway and are strictly controlled from the raw material to the production. The production line is GMP certified!


Your vitamin D needs depend on your age, weight, and possible illnesses, so it's important to measure them. With our test, you can conveniently take a blood sample from your fingertips at home, without standing in line.  

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