On September 15, 2018, Professor Paul Clayton, who specializes in applied nutrition science, gave a lecture in Budapest.
Currently, the focus of his work is on designing multi-component nutrition science programs that can be used to prevent or reverse degenerative diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, and connective tissue disease.

You can watch his presentation (with Hungarian interpretation) in the video library !


He specializes in applied nutrition science. He received his medical degree in 1972 with a “summa cum laude” degree from the Faculty of Pharmacology, University of Edinburgh. In 1976, he received his PhD degree from the university. His field of research is neuropharmacology.

His research activities focused on topics such as the causes of type B malnutrition and its impact on the individual and public health, the development and design of “functional” foods and beverages for mass consumption, the design of multicomponent nutrition science programs to prevent or reverse degenerative diseases. diseases, cardiovascular diseases, connective tissue diseases) and the optimization of combined nutrition and pharmaceutical programs for more effective treatment of HIV / AIDS.

Among other things, he gives lectures to students at the Faculty of Nutrition at the University of Westminster and the University of Middlesex.