It is a scientific fact that the deterioration of our health is due to the dysfunction of the immune system and the resulting latent, cellular inflammation, which we usually only become aware of when our disease has developed.

Urbanization, loosening of the family structure, social alienation, air pollution, the emergence of high-glycemic and high-calorie foods, obesity, financial challenges, and persistent social stress have all become primary provocative factors in our inflammatory system. Our immune system does its job and tries to protect us, but this constant “overwork” produces inflammatory substances, causing a latent inflammation in our own cells as well. If this persists, I dare say with absolute certainty that he is causing disease.

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If we treat only the symptoms - this is usually the case in academic medicine - and do not provide a clear, causal solution to the inflammation in our cells, this process is relatively short-lived to insulin resistance, hypothyroidism, arthritis, premature aging, and long-term heart failure. and leads to stroke.


What to do?

Better health begins with a special self-test to assess our condition and then gently balance our cells, intestinal flora and immune system. If we try to eat a little better, that alone will not be enough.

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What to do?  

Better health begins there with a special self-test to assess our condition, looking for hidden inflammations. The test is painless, made of fingertips, two drops of blood, which will be analyzed anonymously by a Norwegian laboratory, VITAS. 


Meanwhile, we gently begin to balance our cells, intestinal flora, and immune system. We need to strive for healthier eating, exercise and thinking. You can find several best ways to do this on our site.  

Our many years of experience are that we need help especially at the beginning, a synergistic system that can initiate change at the level of our cells.  

This is the Scandinavian Health Protocol!