Join me and build your autoresponder


with little or no money

Hi! I'm Dr. Tamás Nagy, head of an e-commerce business.  


Who am I?

A cheerful health economist who creates new and bold things. The father of a 14-year-old boy.

A free person because we can live anywhere in the world today, as my business is online, passive in nature and thus does not tie us to any place or time.

Good for me, but what's the party for you? 

What's on your mind now?

Is this guy named Tamás Nagy worth my time and attention?


For many, it could easily be that  NO . How come?

I show you....

1. I will NOT help you get rich without work

When I started this business, I thought that in Sweden, Norway, this system had already been made successful by several people, so it will go by itself. Well, for freedom, for passivity, you have to work first, because nothing goes by itself. Things are going for you and me.


I live more freely than ever in my life and earn more money than ever before.  


Sounds good, of course, but it wasn't easy at all.

It took me 3 years to tread the road in front of you. I find that you who have just come only need 6-18 months to do the same.


Yes, there is a SYSTEM that, if built with the right work, will automatically bring you more and more revenue every day.


I believe in work, so if you don’t really want that and aren’t willing to study and work for your success, you’re not my man.

2. NO  you will enjoy what I show you if you don’t want to talk to people

No, there are no communication miracle recipes and click-through dumas. The thing is, however, that this business is made up of people . We are not machines.  


In this business, we help others stay healthy. We help you feel better in your own skin.  We help others become free as well.


We are sentient people and this business is real teamwork.  

A flag is not up to a lonely knight now!


If you don’t like people and you know, “kill your neighbor’s cow too,” that’s not your area.

3. I DON'T want to help you if you know better

It is very important that you understand this.

If we do it right, it brings in a PASSIVE income, as money comes in every week even when you’re having fun or just sleeping. Every week on Tuesday afternoon, the horse rings your bank account, both during the holidays and when you are on vacation at the other end of the world.

Simply because anyone who does what I show will be successful. However, when someone knows better and then he reformes the business, we fail there.

I refuse to waste my time.


The tools and methods I show you work fantastic.  

We have the knowledge, be it health, marketing or communication.  

What to do and how to do it to be successful quickly. This business can be built on momentum.  


Anyone who wants to reform this working system right away on the first day is actually saying I don’t want to work, I’m looking for an easier way.

You are still here? OK!

4. But you can expect these things from me…

You get a complete infrastructure and a turnkey web store so you can make money right away.

We do all the background work for you (world champion customer service, precise logistics, fast delivery, invoicing).

You don’t need training , you learn everything from us while you’re already making money.

You don’t have a disgusting boss sitting around your neck, you get a personal mentor to prepare you for the tasks.

And, not incidentally, you save a lot of unnecessary expenses, business costs and overhead. 

6. Will everything be free ?

It is already suspicious, which is free, because it is my personal experience that it will cost a lot later.  

A lot of time, or a lot of unnecessary work, or a lot of nervousness, or just all three.

Here's how we started:  

Join me and build your autoresponder


with little or no money


Okay,  but what kind of business is it that is just thrown after me?  

If you want to start a business, it always costs all the money.

The good news, though, is that this business costs less than buying a foot-running hot dog car and filling the croissants with hot dogs and ketchup in public spaces.


Yes, if all the ropes are torn, you can start with us without money, only then you need to focus much more and convince me why it is worth it for me to deal with you.

7. How do you know what I show works ?

Unlike others, I DON'T want to sell you a "just now, just today" stunt that has a hefty benefit. I offer you joint work and my knowledge to be a free person in 6-18 months!

We have common interests. Win-win!

I can only get even higher and get richer if I help you thrive. Your success is my responsibility too!  


That's why the smartest thing you can do is talk to me. If we have the “chemistry” in the business between us, we will be able to talk about specific things to do.  


Remember, this business is made up of people. I will help you not only in theory, but also during the session. Planning, strategy, online negotiations.



I’m not talking about what others need to do. You know, there's an old saying, who knows, who does, teaches. It is easy to write and explain.

I’m doing it, I’m showing it, I’m negotiating for you, you’re listening, taking notes, studying and already making money.

We’ve also videotaped from the first step to your release how you can build such an automated, steadily, day-to-day, growing business.  


You get practice, the way it works in life, the way it works in Hungary. And the way many have done it.

Note that 80% of your income depends on the system, the other 20% will be your personality, your knowledge.  


So i can help you…

So let's cut in, sign up and ask!