What vitamins and supplements do we need?

Today, tons of vitamins and dietary supplements are available, not only in pharmacies and drugstores, but also online, at gas stations, on ABC. And on social media, a miracle drug comes in every week and a different one “cures” cancer every week. How can we put things right here?

Today’s modern man is already eating differently, eating elsewhere than in the last century. We are also sicker than our ancestors and although we live longer, we are getting older sooner and our aging age is now synonymous with disease. The good news is that we have typical deficits and there is a solution to them. What does almost everyone need?


1.3-1.6 beta-glucan

Beta-glucan is produced by yeast and is an important building block of our immune system. One of the fundamental functions of our ancient large immune cells, macrophages, is to differentiate between what is our own and what is alien to our body, and when you sniff a dangerous intruder, it immediately attacks and notifies the rest of our immune system. Beta-glucan helps you decide more precisely what is your own and what is foreign. If our immune system were working well, there would be neither cancer nor autoimmune disease, as it would kill tumor cells and not see our own cells as enemies. 1.3-1.6 beta-glucan is very safe, hundreds of studies have been written about it. (link ). Nowadays, it is almost hopeless to take it with food, because the grain and oats are treated with mushroom killers and the small spotted black-spotted apples and fruits with a mushroom colony have disappeared.

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Omega-3 fatty acids

Omega-3 not only helps the cardiovascular system to function, but also an essential compound for our body, e.g. it is also involved in the structure of the cell membrane through which all our cells absorb nutrients. Unfortunately, it doesn't really matter how we bring it in. The best thing would be to consume freshly caught sea fish several times a week, but the Hungarian reality makes it difficult to do so. The ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids is of special importance, because its shift has also been associated with the development of inflammatory diseases. It would be important to measure this ratio, but unfortunately most laboratories do not routinely or only at a serious cost. That’s why we’re connected to a high-tech Norwegian lab. More info: ( link) .

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Whole vegetable fibers

Everyone knows that we should eat a high-fiber diet, but somehow it used to stay away, because the fact that there is a little cabbage on the plate next to the fried meat and french fries doesn’t help much. Fiber is important not only because it “cleanses” the intestines, but also because it normalizes slowed bowel movements, helps maintain ideal cholesterol levels, increases bile cholesterol uptake, and of course slows sugar absorption. But there is something else here! Our beneficial intestinal flora consumes and ferments the fibers, and at the same time so-called short-chain fatty acids (such as butyric acid) are produced, which have a wonderful effect on our entire body, including the prevention of certain tumors.

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Vitamin D3

A significant part of the Hungarian population is struggling with extreme vitamin D deficiency, although in recent years more and more people are paying attention to their intake. This fat-soluble vitamin D, obtained in most cases from sunlight or fish dishes, eggs, cereals, is also an enzyme and has been shown in research to play an important role in preventing certain tumors, diabetes and reducing cellular inflammation. It also helps maintain the health of our bones and teeth, without which our body would not be able to process calcium.

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Trace elements (selenium, zinc, iron, copper)

Selenium is an anti-inflammatory component of several important cell defense enzymes and is also required for the proper functioning of the thyroid gland. In addition to being involved in immune function, wound healing, and blood clotting, zinc is also essential for optimal thyroid function. Iron is an important component of a peroxidase enzyme that is essential for the immune system to function. There is a close interaction between zinc and copper. Therefore, zinc supplementation for several weeks may result in a decrease in the level of copper in the blood because prolonged use of zinc inhibits the absorption of copper, so the two should be given together.

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It would be necessary to consume the items listed here on a daily basis. It would be most wonderful if we could bring it in with our food. Consumption of sea fish, vegetables bought from a producer, "seen" land, fruits are whole grains, and it would be good to change our cooking and baking techniques, because too high a heat treatment results in certain inflammatory substances.

Please don’t fall into the trap that if you sometimes buy when you have the opportunity, pay attention, it will help. Unfortunately not, only daily, consistent solutions only work here. If that can’t be solved, you’re preferring certified (GMP) controlled source supplements rather than “then”.