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Just about what every person wants! About happiness! He who is healthy, fit, financially secure and surrounded by a positive supportive community is HAPPY!


Active Senior Man


We get older sooner and become sicker than our parents and spend more years in illness. One reason for this is low-level, or subclinical inflammation, lurking in our cells. Why is it emerging, how can it be influenced? How to stay fit?

Collecting Money


Do you work with honor, do you drive yourself? How long would you live without income? Did you know that it is a medical fact that people in better mode live an average of 7 years longer? Have you ever heard the saying that money is not important?



We may not think of it as a disease, but it is loneliness  it ages and people living alone die earlier. However, the reverse is also true! The company of people who think like you is motivated. How can you build such a community?

Now I am in a position to give it all . How? Watch the video!

Our story

We work in an ever-growing team like a big family scattered around the world. So we hear lots and lots of stories from around the world about the lives, challenges, problems, and most interestingly, the desires of others.

What are your biggest challenges? What would you do differently if you got the chance? When would you be happy? How and where can you imagine yourself in half a year or even 5-10 years later?
We learned a few things from the answers. On the one hand, it is always the most bitter problem that exists. Everyone’s own challenge is the most horrible, no matter how much weight in the eyes of another person. On the other hand, money is only important when it is not.

Let’s not continue this line, because the end is almost always that by the time you get financially organized, the years will accelerate, as you get older, the kids will fly out, and our health will go to that process as well. According to an American article, life begins over the age of 40, yes, there. And at home?  

And in connection with this, we have found the first eternal solution!

"If you have a problem and that problem can be solved with money (and you have money for it), it's not really a problem from now on, it's just a cost."

And if you think about it, the vast majority of your current problems can (be) solved with money. Do you want to live healthier, look better? Money-money. To do this, you should work less, devote more of your own time to yourself. Too much stress, are you unfolding yourself or just not enjoying your current job, would it be good to pull the yoke less, relax?  Money-Money.

Do you want to conquer your future partner or meet your partner not only in the evenings, take them to the theater, wellness weekend, the Caribbean, because love and glow are not fed by busy, gray everyday life? Money-money.

Do you want to spend more time with your child, get a better education so that they are not pissed off by strangers in a noisy, crowded kindergarten? You can study abroad  in an elite school?  Money-money.

We want to do it differently and no matter what has happened to you so far! It doesn’t matter, it doesn’t hurt that you don’t have money or are full of health challenges. The only thing that matters is what you do with the information you receive from us. 

Because of course you can say no to us (I'm not like that, I don't have time, I don't have money, I wouldn't do it anyway, I can't handle it .....), but in half a year you will stay the same as today. Or, don’t it happen, but over the years, you’ll have more of a problem, and then what happens? What solution would you find then and there if LUCK passed you by now? You know, like in the old joke, "luck knocked on me, I just wasn't home ..."

A few thoughts about me


Dr. Tamás Nagy

Founder, health economist, doctor

I have been working since I was 18 years old. I also graduated from medical school while working, because although I received a lot of love and motivation from my parents, I didn’t get anything for money. At first I was angry with them for that, but today I am grateful. I learned the honor of working!  

As an entrepreneur, I proudly proclaimed for a long time that what I was doing was done, and as a lone knight, I struggled with a huge pallos and an ornate shield in the financial world. Although I had beautiful results, I dug for myself, no, not a pit, but a whole complete pile, where I am the only one, it is all about Me, and I judged myself that only and exclusively 16 hours of work, chasing myself to the extreme, bitterly, tiredly, I can only make money at the expense of my family and even my toddler.  

And then something happened! Being enlightened may be an exaggeration, but there is an old Indian story about it that describes the process well. One time his disciples asked the Master what it was like to be enlightened. To which the Master says, "Imagine that you want to get into a house where happiness resides. You try to knock, bang, nothing. You try to get in the window, you climb down to the basement, you can't. you want to smash yourself in the chimney, too, but you can't get in. When you finally walk around the house desperately, tired again, you notice that the door was open all the way, you just had to push the handle down. "

The solution was initiated by the idea of Henry Ford, the founder of the Ford factory. "I'd rather benefit from 1% of a hundred people's work than 100% of my own work." Since then, I have built an automated, automated, health-preserving system in the long run, a subscription loyalty system. 

Health - Material Security - Building Community!

I'll show you how to get it all done in just 6 months or 1 year!

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