Do you also want to be as healthy as Swedes or Norwegians?


How is it possible?

Biomarker-based , personalized dietary supplements and health technology

Scandinavian test-based
nutrition for the next generation

Measure the amazing change in 4 months , not only feel but see the result in your own blood cells!

Test, are your cells healthy?

Use the Health Protocol to get amazing health benefits!

Improve your performance, bone, muscle strength, brain function, cardiovascular system, immune system, and balance your blood sugar and cholesterol levels with three products from the protocol .

Check the result again with a test.

Will your cells get it the nutrients and the dose they really need?


Gain unique insight into the fatty acid profile of your red blood cells! You can check the balance of omega 6: 3, the nutrient uptake of the cells, the so-called protection value before the protocol and then the change after 4 months. This world-unique process was developed by the Norwegian laboratory VITAS. A painless dry-blood drop test method that you can perform quickly and easily in your home.

  • The balance of Omega 6: 3?

  • Interoperability of your cell membranes?

  • Mental strength, stress tolerance?


Balance Oil contributes

  • the bed

  • the heart

  • the immune system

for normal operation

Due to our altered eating habits, the ratio of omega 6: omega 3 fatty acids in our cell membrane has shifted roughly. A healthy omega 6: 3 balance, on the other hand, can protect your body’s cells from rusting (oxidative stress) and inflammation. The Balance Oil premium formula is a polyphenol-omega 3 essence supplemented with vitamin D3.

ZinoBiotic is a very special blend of five types of natural fibers. It has a delayed effect, the significance of which is to get the right bacteria in the right place along the entire length of the colon. We support the growth of a healthy intestinal flora.


  • We create a healthy gut flora in a few days

  • This is an amazing benefit to our brain, skin and immune system

  • It helps maintain normal blood sugar and cholesterol levels

Xtend +

  • Energy production

  • Maintained bone

  • Strong muscles

  • Immune system

Xtend + is a special, all-natural extraordinary super-formula. A carefully selected complex mixture of plant active ingredients essential for cell function and regeneration. It also contains 22 vitamins and minerals, 1-3 / 1-6 beta-glucans, protective dyes, carotenoids, marine polyphenols, and cyanogens and methyl group donors that support the enzymatic immune system.

Test, enjoy using protocol products and get the health benefits you longed for!