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I'm Dr. Tamás Nagy and I've been feeling bad during my years at the medical school, somehow I don't fit into that picture. There was a professor of medicine who, in a lecture, found us asking, "Colleagues, there is a lot of medicine for this disease. What does it mean? He don't have any medicine..."

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Dr. Nagy Tamás

My story and my goal

For me, the study of inflammation has given me the Holy Grail of effective health care.  

We have been saying for 20 years that you should live a healthier life, exercise more, pay attention to nutrition and of course not be nervous! That’s all true, but a lot of good advice is already coming out of our elbows. And where are we going?

We are getting sick and getting older. I find that the diseases that were typical only in the elderly when I was a beginner now appear in young people between the ages of 30 and 40.  


We have known for decades that our health challenges are caused by our modern living conditions. Moreover, we are talking about metabolic syndrome, the syndrome of which is a tendency to rise in blood sugar, high blood pressure, abdominal obesity, high blood fat and cholesterol levels. The secret link between these is the inflammation lurking in our cells for years, which, as a “silent killer,” slowly erodes our bodies and causes our problems.  ​

Urbanization, loosening of the family structure, social alienation, air pollution, the emergence of high-glycemic and high-calorie foods, financial challenges, and persistent social stress and the plague of our age are the primary provocative factors in the inflammatory system. That is why diet alone is mercilessly difficult to solve the problem.


Unfortunately, the process is hidden for a long time, it does not cause complaints, but the body's homeostasis (balance) is upset. It is known that the functioning of all biological systems is strictly regulated. If we disrupt the operation, some reaction will start immediately in order to bring the system back to its normal state. In this case, the rebound will be the start of an inflammatory-based autoimmune process against the “overactivity” of the ancient immune system, and unfortunately we have arrived at the diseases that will appear in a nice line.


These are all diseases that academic medicine says should be "lifelong" or "cared for." Anyone who knows knows that these expressions open the imaginary knife in my pocket. After all, if we treat only the symptoms "with restraint" with drugs and do not give a clear solution to the inflammation in our cells, this process will later lead to insulin resistance, hypothyroidism, depression and mood disorders, arthritis, varicose veins, PCAR ) for hair and skin problems, high blood pressure, vasoconstriction and, in the longer term, unfortunately tumors.

  • He holds a medical degree from the Albert Szent-Györgyi Medical University.

  • Complementary medicine (Reflexology, Phytotherapy) has been attracted during the university

  • 6 years working for global companies in the pharmaceutical industry (Ciba, Bayer, Eli Lilly)

  • Diploma in Health Economics

  • MBA degree from the Faculty of Economics of the Budapest University

  • He has been involved in Applied Nutrition since 2003

  • Trainer - personality knowledge, communication, self -knowledge, selling technology

  • Medical director - Medicall 

  • Zinzino AB - Sweden, independent partner

  • Member of the Hungarian Society of Nutrition and the Hungarian Society of Obesity


Free life

I’ve been writing a personal blog about freedom for years. Freedom, free life means something different to everyone and that's fine. My one-minute stories show, through real-life stories, true examples, how complex life can be, and the lessons that lie there every day at our feet. You just have to bend deep for them! Unfortunately, these writings are available only in Hungarian, sorry. 

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