Why are we going to be sick?

We are getting sick earlier and at a younger age and we are spending more and more years in the disease, even though the increase in life expectancy at birth has stopped nowadays. What could be the reason for this?

What does science say?

It is a scientific fact that dysfunction of the immune system and the resulting latent cellular inflammation play a significant role in the deterioration of our health, regardless of whether we have a specific problem, and we usually only become aware of it when our disease has developed.  Urbanization, loosening of the family structure, social alienation, air pollution, the emergence of foods with a high glycemic index and high calories, obesity, financial challenges, and persistent social stress have all become primary provocative factors in our inflammatory system. Our immune system does its job and tries to protect us, but this constant “overwork” produces inflammatory substances, causing a hidden, low-level inflammation in our own cells.  If this inflammation persists, like rust in your car, it will slowly erode our body and I dare say with complete certainty that it is only a matter of time before it causes what diseases. 

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If we treat only the symptoms and do not provide a clear, causal solution to the inflammation in our cells, this process can lead to insulin resistance, hyperthyroidism, arthritis, premature aging in the relatively short term, and narrowing, myocardial infarction and stroke in the long run.

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What can we do?

Nyugodtabb életvitel - Kevesebb időt töltsön a digitális "szennyben". Olvasson kevesebb hírt, ne nézzen híradót és max. napi 1 órát tévézzen. Keressen egy olyan tevékenységet, ami kreatív és boldogsággal tölti el. Szánjon magára időt!

Mozgás - A WHO (Egészségügyi Világszervezet) ajánlása alapján. Jó hír, a lendületes séta vagy a kerékpározás nem kerül még pénzbe sem.

Táplálkozás - Személyre szabott, mert bár vannak ismert alapelvek, de mindenkinek egyedi a bélflórája, a felszívódása és a zsírsavprofilja. A személyre szabott táplálkozás kialakításában nagy segítség a Balance Teszt.

A Skandináv Egészségprotokoll használatával csökkentheti a mikrogyulladásokat, helyreállíthatja az Ön számára szükséges bélflórát és minden olyan tápanyagot be tud vinni, amely szükséges a sejtek működéséhez és regenerációjához.

A WHO javaslata az egészség fenntartásához szükséges mozgásra 18-64 év között:
Hetente legalább 150 perc mérsékelten intenzív gyakorlatok elvégzése indokolt.  Mérsékelt testmozgás az, amely során már éppen nem tudunk egy folyamatos társalgást fenntartani. Az aerob aktivitások hosszának legalább 10 percesnek kell lenniük. Legjobb hatás a fenti mozgásmennyiség duplájával érhető el.  Hetente legalább kétszer izomerősítő gyakorlatokat is kell végezni.


 The goal of the Scandinavian Health Protocol is to convey the importance of the principle of self-care to as many people as possible and to give them the tools for early health detection of deficiencies and medically valid drug-free solutions

Personalized fine-tuned eating tips based on blood test results.

Controlled efficiency!

Painless procedure!

Certified Norwegian laboratory background.

A result in Hungarian that is easy to understand and use.


We gently begin to balance our cells, our gut flora, and our immune system. Efforts should also be made to move more and adjust the diet based on the test.

Our many years of experience are that we need help especially at the beginning, a synergistic system that can initiate change at the level of our cells.  

The program is closed with a verification test.


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We have been organizing lectures and trainings on health care and lifestyle every month for years, with great success, with the involvement of renowned professionals. You can learn from the guidance of doctors, naturopaths, nutritionists, and personal trainers. Hundreds of students take part in these online lectures, which are always free, with huge interest! We are happy to help, to give more. I believe the Scandinavian Health Protocol is far from just about selling products, but also about introducing a health culture. Our goal is to communicate the importance of self-care to as many people as possible and to provide a tool for early detection of deficiencies and medically valid drug-free solutions.