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If you want to start a business, which one will be easier? Are you opening a business where everyone except your regular customers and suppliers has an interest in going bankrupt because you are a competition? Or do you work in an area where the success of those around you is your success

Why it's hard cut in alone and why t there is a constant rush in your business? 

  • because too  it costs a lot to start a new business

  • because you have to do everything

  • because you are responsible for everything

  • for you should understand everything

  • because there is no expert staff behind you

  • because it pays off in years, maybe

And because out of 10 start-ups in a year, 8 always go bankrupt, accumulate debt, and eventually there’s a sense of failure.

But it could be different, there is another way!

  • You don't invest millions

  • You can work from anywhere, anytime

  • YOU allocate your own time

  • You make money right away

  • Comprehensive  you get support

  • Free man  you can be in 6 months

In 2021, we created 51 new millionaires


In our team, we doubled the number of employees earning at least € 4,000 a month, or HUF 1,400,000, in the "poor" Eastern European countries in one year, and we will do the same in 2022!

Will you be one of them or will you miss out? 

Scandinavian health protocol = Scandinavian wages

This activity has been going on for 16 years  created for Norwegian and Swedish people  adjusted to the amazing wage level there. It may sound strange, but because of this we are very overpaid compared to the money at home.


1236 people in our team have already done it !
Do you love your job but need more money? Then create for yourself and your family a few hours a week +1 month wage . No need for entrepreneurs.


Katalin, Budapest

I worked in a bank for 13 years, got up at 6 in the morning and got home by 7 in the evening. I sat in front of two monitors all day, locked in a small room with myself. As a young woman, I barely had a private life! 

I have been working with the team for the third year now and I was able to resign from the mult at the end of the first year.

I felt intoxicated freedom! 
Nowadays, I get up in the morning when I finish calm
  I sleep and share my day with myself. I have a serious relationship and we have time to care for each other. 

Portrait of Mature Man

Károly, Budapest

I have never worked with online systems or direct sales before. When I was approached, I accepted the invitation with hesitation, but in the end the impeccable quality and the credibility of Dr. Tamás Nagy grabbed me.  

By the end of the third month, I had earned my first 4,000 euros. I’ve been here for two years now and I’ve multiplied that amount since then. This job has become a profession for me because I have been able to help hundreds of people restore their health and make their lives safer financially. 

Old Lady

Márti, Nyírség

I live in a small village in Eastern Hungary and for the first time I was looking for a solution to my health challenge. My brother said he knew a doctor who helped him a lot too. This is how I got in touch with the health protocol and Dr. Tamás Nagy.

Then, at the urging of my sister, I also tasted the business, but mainly because I saw a lot of sick people in my environment. I work with the team on retirement and today I have more of that monthly income than my retirement itself. All this means a calmer and safer life for me. 

Our staff said

What do you gain by staying with us?

  • You get a complete infrastructure and a turnkey web store that way  you are a money maker right away

  • We do all the background work for you (customer service, logistics, delivery, invoicing)

  • You don’t need training, you learn everything from us while you’re already making money

  • You don’t get a boss, you get a personal mentor to prepare you for the tasks

  • You save a lot of business costs and overhead


What you need

Your decision to do something different in 2022 than before so that something else happens than before.

Have a willingness to learn, change, and evolve as you gain new knowledge from us.

Want to work in a support team and accept help as we are interested in your success.

Recommend to your friends! 


You will receive a HUF 10,000 special quality Norwegian health protection gift from us if he or she becomes our employee!