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It is an open secret and everyone knows that the health and wage standards in the Scandinavian countries are well above ours! The average salary is € 4,000 and they are 10-15 years healthier. It's finally time for us to enjoy it all! That's why we brought you  this is the mission of the 9 steps! 

Health and Financial Safety

We use these words a lot, we desire it somewhere, it would certainly be good, but it didn’t really matter to me until the real horror happened. In the spring of 2020, as they say, it happened from a clear sky like a lightning strike, even though it started as an innocent thing because it only  I started to squat. Big thing! What do you think then? I have a cold or some allergy. Well, by April, a bloody mucus had just been expelled. Not half of that is a joke, I went to an experienced otolaryngologist who rummaged through my nose for half an hour with sharp metal objects. I don't wish this on anyone! He then said, "There's an enlargement here in your nose, go into the clinic and accept whatever they say." It's reassuring, isn't it?  

In a state of considerably jerky health , as I proudly proclaimed before me, "I am perfectly healthy and bulletproof, nothing can happen to me," I even reported to the clinic's outpatient clinic that day after another pleasant examination. Understand, two small tissue samples are cut from the inside of my nose with a tiny sponge-like spoon. It was also an experience of a lifetime. But the most awful thing was when the doctor called me and told me I had squamous cell carcinoma. I remember I was home alone with my 12 year old son who was just playing, and I ran into my bedroom and sobbed under two pillows so he wouldn’t hear.  

The next day they wrote me for CT and MR and thanks to the clinic, in a few days the result was there. Another examination and then my doctor called his boss, who said "we need to talk." It starts well ... He said that " the left side of my nose is inescapable, it has to be cut off because of the tumor , but it's okay and we'll replace it from the frontal lobe later." 

Aha… .. where the shore breaks and then there… .. Yes, I vomit myself when I see the inside of my nose. Will I live distorted to make people scared of my sight ?!  

I am a pretty hard fighting spirit, so I started calling and collecting favors, until I found the best head and neck surgeon in Hungary, who, after a few days of persecution in my private oral surgery office, surprisingly hit me. I couldn't be stopped then! I was in terrible pain, I couldn’t sleep, I had a fear of death and I panicked. 

It was incredibly normal and he underwent surgery within a few days, with a 4-hour operation called he replaced the lower third of my nose with a flap. This was the first such operation in Hungary, and while I was lying inside, doctors came from other hospitals every day to see the miracle . Yes, but if a son of man is given a 12cm cut on his thigh, he will barely bleed and heal quickly. However, if your face is cut in half from the corner of your eye to the edge of your mouth and - as the chief doctor said  “You better not know what we’ve done” - it turned out they later dissected out the bones of the facial skull to find the extensive tumor everywhere, well, it can hurt and heal for months. And not just physically! I was given such a level of painkiller infusion that if I didn’t use it, the nurses encouraged me to have only morphine. After all this, I still had 3 months of tremors, aftercare and rest at home.


What does this story have to do with health and  for passive income? On the one hand , I am 100% sure that without the products of the Scandinavian Health Protocol, I would not be here or not today , intact, without complaints, healthy. 

On the other hand, can you imagine how much I dealt with the business in addition to all this? Literally nothing!

If this happens to me before I was a medical director as a sole proprietor at a startup company, or when I worked as a trainer and it was all up to me, in my personal presence, that’s total bankruptcy . I had a couple, my child’s mother worked in England. But if he’s not out there because he came home to help, he has no money either. And my girlfriend was just changing jobs without income.  


Thanks to the Scandinavian culture here in Zinzino, my income came from the community business system as if I had been active. There was nothing less, and although I had something to worry about during my illness, it was so safe that I didn’t have to worry about the money!

Community business model

We know that there is an hour of trampling in the workplace for a better position and there is no secure job today. And in the business world, there is no longer a business or store that has little competition. And our social and economic environment is changing so fast that rapid adaptation has almost become an art. That is why we have created a "entrepreneurial" community where there is no competition, no rivalry, as we are also financially interested in each other's success. There is no boss, no expectations, but there is a mentor to help with your work. 


We know it’s not usually easy to change, but now you can thrive easily using the most modern business model.  Gather more information, get to know us better! We answer all your questions!              

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For years, we have been organizing lectures and trainings on health care and lifestyle and life management every month, with great success, with the involvement of renowned professionals. Hundreds of students take part in these online lectures, which are always free, with huge interest! We are happy to help, to give more. I believe the Scandinavian Health Protocol is far from just about selling products, but also about introducing a health culture. Our goal is to reach as many people as possible about the importance of self-care, whether it is health or material, and to give them the tools to come up with solutions.